Stanton Landscaping will take care of all your irrigation needs, beginning with irrigation turn-on adjustments in the spring, adjustments throughout the year, and winterization in the fall, as well as full-scale system installation.

  • Installation
  • Spring Turn-on
  • Repairs
  • Winterization


Let us take the time to maintain your irrigation system so you can relax and enjoy your healthy, green lawn. Whether you are enjoying the summer at home or away on vacation, let us maintain your irrigation system.

Quality | Reliability

We are equipped with the most up-to-date, efficient watering techniques, such as wireless rain sensors and automatic timers. We provide our customers with the most reliable irrigation products within a reasonable price range. Our irrigation team is constantly trained on the latest products and techniques.

Personalized Service

Your lawn requires a variety of sprinklers to water the different areas of your property. We are equipped with various sprinklers, including rotating heads for lawn areas, pop-up misters for garden beds, and drip irrigation for densely vegetated areas.