Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Dethatching
  • Aeration
  • Bed Edging and Bark Mulching
  • Fall Cleanup and Leaf removal

Weekly lawn mowing from May until October. (Weather permitting). Each week, we will cross cut your lawn in alternating patterns to prevent it from being matted down. A weed wacker is used to trim along trees, garden beds, and fences, to maintain a sharp, pristine edge as well as other locations on the property needed. Additionally, we clear all grass clippings from driveways, garden beds, and walkways. Additional services may be included in the weekly maintenance of your property, including weeding of garden beds.

Core Aeration ~ Letting Your Lawn Breathe

Typically done in the fall, aeration is an easy way to keep your lawn healthy as it allows your lawn to breathe and eat. Additionally, we offer the option of overseeding after aeration to enhance the thickness of your lawn.

  • Increases oxygenation of roots
  • Reduces water runoff
  • Enhances fertilization efficiency
  • Reduces soil compaction


Dethatching removes dead grass and roots that form a layer on the surface of your lawn.

  • Increases Amount of Water and Nutrients Absorption
  • Less Insect and Disease Problems
  • Increases Efficiency of Fertilizer Applications
  • Enhances Thickness of Your Lawn